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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on General Hospital ...

Lulu tells Johnny how she saw to it that nobody will point a finger at him for Michael's shooting. An anguished Jason reminds Elizabeth why they can't risk endangering baby Jake.

Outraged to find Claudia standing by Michael's hospital bed, Carly hisses at her to get out.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny admits to Robin how he blames himself for his son's fate.

As Max and Diane hastily pull on their clothes, Alexis scolds her friend for making such a self-destructive choice by sleeping with a thug. Jax finally arrives at the hospital and comforts his wife, who continues to insist she's seeing improvement in Michael's condition.

Robin urges Sonny to remember that he's been a wonderful father to his children and they will always need him. Elizabeth and Jason sadly agree that they cannot share a life together ... at least for now.

Alexis cautions Diane that Max is still carrying a torch for Carly.

Carly tearfully kicks herself for failing to protect her boy from his dangerous dad. Max thanks Diane for defending him so enthusiastically in the face of Alexis' criticism.

Jason presses Carly to come clean with Jax about Michael's prognosis. A guilt stricken Claudia promises her kid brother she won't let him pay for her tragic mistake. Robin convinces Sonny to go be with his son.

Logan surprises Lulu with a romantic candlelit dinner for two at Kelly's. Jax turns to Elizabeth for the truth about his stepson's chances for recovery.

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