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A returning Ric rescues Marianna from an abusive Randy. Marianna relates her tale of abuse to a sympathetic Ric and fears she could be deported. Ric promises to do everything in his power to help Marianna, who makes the brave decision to leave with him.

Lulu defends Johnny when a lethal Sonny accuses him of shooting Kate. Sonny races off after learning that Kate has taken a turn for the worse in the operating room. Jax and Sonny clash over Kate. Sonny confronts Trevor with murder in his eyes, curious if he's responsible for Kate's condition.

Lulu fears she might have killed Logan while Patrick does his best to try and save his life. Maxie takes her anger out on Lulu and makes it clear she wants Logan dead. Maxie later enters Logan's room and hovers over him. Johnny is incredulous when Lulu has doubts about Logan's guilt.

Tracy knows Luke is up to his old tricks but ends up being pleasantly surprised when he presents her with the clothes Monica was wearing the night of Sam's accident.

General Hospital
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