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Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) doesn't want to be cured if it means he'll stop having visions of Emily. Nadine is very intuitive as to what Nikolas is experiencing as she reflects on the loss of someone she still loves.

Sam attacks Alexis' assailant, who runs off before he or she can be recognized. Alexis realizes she had received a text message threatening both her and Sam.

Logan's temper flares when Scott suspects he might have stolen the DNA test results from Georgie's murder investigation. Mac questions Coop about the missing file. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is disappointed when Coop can't promise that he'll be free to see her later. Coop has the missing DNA test results in his hands.

Alexis and Sam receive another chilling text message from the killer.

Johnny admits he'd never be able to forgive himself if something happened to Lulu because of him. Trevor has ominous plans for Johnny.

Lulu tends to Johnny as his fever grows worse and can't help but be affected by their close proximity. Jason and Elizabeth share an emotional reunion in her hospital room. The decision not to be a part of his son's life begins to weigh on Jason more and more.

Ric remembers painful incidents from his past with Sonny as he stares at the house and becomes intrigued by Marianna. Trevor tracks Ric to Martha's Vineyard but doesn't make his presence known.

Leyla sees red when Patrick pulls a trick on her but she gets the last laugh in the end when she steals his clothes. Robin is hurt when she witnesses what happened between Leyla and Patrick.

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