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Mac anxiously awaits the results of the DNA test which will identify the killer. Coop hangs around to try to get information. Tracy lets Lulu know that Luke took off from the hospital and then questions her.

Carly shows up at the hospital to taunt Elizabeth about revealing to the world that Jason is Jake's father. Trevor tracks down Jason and, holding him at gunpoint, demands to know where Johnny is.

Logan covers for Lulu, telling Tracy that they were spending time alone together and keeping her abduction a secret. Jerry pays a visit to a mysterious associate of his, whose face we have yet to see.

Trevor accuses Jason of blowing up Zacchara's ship and he accuses him of kidnapping Lulu. A mob war seems inevitable. Sam drops by Lucky's house as he is taking care of Jake to tell him how much she misses him.

Jax tracks down Carly and extends his well wishes to Elizabeth before taking his wife home. A panicked Lulu finds Jason, worried because she hasn't heard from Johnny for days. Jason tells her to stay away.

Mac and Felicia go into a private room to discuss info about Georgie's killer. The DNA results are dropped off and Coop snatches them up.  Ric takes a trip, leaving Alexis as D.A., and returns home.

Lulu finally finds Johnny, who is unconscious, and she tries to revive him.  Back home, Jax lectures Carly for becoming overly involved in Jason's affairs. Jason shows up a moment later to back Jax up. 

Lulu is able to get Johnny to wake up and tries desperately to help him.  Elizabeth has nightmares about the fire. Jason yells at Carly to back off and says that he accepted that Lucky and Elizabeth will raise his son.

Jerry is ordered to secure the piers by his associate. 

Lulu goes to Elizabeth and asks for antibiotics but tells her that she can't tell her why other than the fact that someone is hurt. Elizabeth asks Lulu for a favor in return, to deliver something to Jason for his birthday.

Logan stops by the police station and finds the file with the DNA results in them. In the interrogation room, Mac lets out his anger on Felicia, for leaving him alone to raise two girls. Jason opens his gift.

Lulu returns to where she found Johnny but he is gone. The results from the DNA have gone missing and Mac is determined to find out who is behind it.

Alexis is grabbed by the text message killer .... and strangled!

General Hospital
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