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Today, on General Hospital, Johnny disabuses Lulu of her notion that Logan sold them out to Scott, claiming Logan is too in love with her to rat her out. Although clearly smitten, Johnny won't act on his certainty that Lulu would be better off with him than Logan.

Coop maintains innocence when Logan confronts him with the incriminating DNA test results. Coop has a brief exchange with an enigmatic Daniel at Kelly's and later stands up to Jerry. Maxie makes a horrifying discovery.

Michael purchases a gun.

Jason has his hands full when Kate and then Carly arrive looking for a missing Sonny. Kate evades when Carly wonders why Sonny would take her to Bensonhurst but ends up revealing that Sonny proposed to her.

Carly angrily rips into Kate, who beats a hasty retreat. Jason throws Carly's own behavior back in her face. Kate comes face to face with Sonny.

Ian Devlin, a newly arrived doctor at the hospital, quickly gets the attention of the nurses. Lucky leaves Sam to look after Jake when he's called away on a police matter.

Elizabeth's blood boils when she finds Jake in Sam's arms.

General Hospital
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