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General Hospital
March 28, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital, Carly explains to Lulu why she wants her to keep an eye on Kate. Meanwhile, Kate balks when Jax declares that he'd like to help her run "Crimson." Claudia again presses Jason to rub Trevor out as a personal favor to her but he advises her to handle the job herself.

At the psychiatric facility, Johnny learns that his father has a good chance to recover once he's begun a new drug therapy. Sonny points out to Trevor how breaking the truce the Zaccharas forged has put his life in danger. Maxie brags to an irked Lulu about her exciting new post as Kate's assistant.

Later, Lulu finally agrees to spy for Carly by signing on at "Crimson." Jerry is pleased as Alexis admits she is attracted to him. Ric tells his brother he intends to bring Trevor down come hell or high water. Patrick warns Jason he needs follow up surgery as soon as possible to avoid permanent nerve damage in both hands.

Claudia looks to Ian for help disposing of Sonny. Ric brings a private proposal to Anthony. Spinelli shudders when Jason asks him to secretly shadow Sonny.

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General Hospital
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