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General Hospital
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May 1, 2008

Reunited with her relieved brother, Claudia tells Johnny it wasn't Sonny who tried to have her killed. Ric is irked when Anthony insists on having Trevor be co-counsel at his hearing.

Meanwhile, Diane pesters Alexis to let her serve as second chair to ensure that the elder Zacchara doesn't walk free. Tracy warns Luke he's playing with fire by getting in bed with the mob.

Elizabeth struggles with juggling single motherhood and her nursing career. Nadine accepts another invitation from Nikolas to go horseback riding on Spoon Island. Anthony enjoys pitting Trevor and his son against one another. Maxie sabotages Lulu's work at "Crimson."

Sam convinces Luke to hire her on as a shill for his high rollers. Claudia vows to sink her father's bid for freedom. Lucky reminds Elizabeth that he can help out with childcare whenever she needs a break.

Spinelli causes a scene at Anthony's hearing and is forcibly removed from the courtroom. Nikolas takes a rain check when Nadine offers to make him a home-cooked meal.

Russell berates Elizabeth for her incompetence after she screws up a patient's medication. Maxie turns to Spinelli for help salvaging her job. Luke catches Tracy off guard when he declares his love.

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