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General Hospital
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Over a disgusted Mac's objections, Alexis insists on releasing Luke from custody. Johnny grows concerned when his sister fails to return home.

Meanwhile, on Spoon Island, Nikolas confronts Claudia with her heinous crime. Carly shows up on Jason's doorstep in the middle of the night and explains how she tried to deprive Sonny of all rights to Morgan. Patrick surprises Robin with a cuddly gift for the baby.

Ric reminds Alexis that Luke is the very definition of a flight risk. Anthony assures his suspicious son he's done nothing to harm Claudia. Jerry arrives and repeats his request for the Alcazar piers but Anthony again shuts him out. Nikolas warns Claudia he can either turn her over to the police or to Jason Morgan.

Lucky accuses Johnny of setting Luke up. Jason reminds Carly how difficult it is to walk away from one's own child even when it is for the best.

Claudia points out to Nikolas how his multimillion dollar payments to Ian actually helped put Michael in a coma. Alexis continues to find herself strangely drawn to Jerry.

Displaying a suitcase full of cash he "liberated" from the Zaccharas, Luke invites Tracy to join him for a new adventure. Robin attempts to console a guilt-stricken Jason. Carly returns home to find that Jax has gone, leaving behind only a short note of farewell.

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