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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on General Hospital, Sonny's temper flares when Carly produces the legal documents asking him to renounce all his parental rights to the boys. Sonny refuses to sign the papers but later wonders if he made the right decision. Jax and Kate's kiss goes no further as they admit they are in love with Carly and Sonny, respectively. Kate seeks Sonny out after returning from Manhattan with Jax and tells Sonny that he's a good father. Kate and Sonny, however, remain at an impasse. Carly feels guilty for having slept with Sonny. She has sex with Jax. After waking and finding Carly gone, Jax packs a bag and leaves a note on her pillow. Carly shows up at Jason's door.

Nikolas is determined to turn Claudia over to the police once phone service is restored (for her role in Michael's shooting). He vents his anger over the senselessness of mob related violence.

Elizabeth tells Jason how hard it is not to act on her feelings for him. Jason and Elizabeth resolve themselves to the fact they can't be together even though they love each other.

Luke is arrested for money laundering, thanks to a calculating Trevor. Much to everyone's surprise, Alexis announces she'll release Luke on his own recognizance.

General Hospital
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