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Sonny, gun in hand, tells Karpov it's all over for him. Alexis is troubled as surveillance photos from the pier show her daughter meeting a Russian mobster.

Olivia reminds her cousin why Dante must never know his paternity.

Max, Milo and Maximus come to Sonny's rescue after Sasha and her goons get the drop on their uninvited guest.

Back at the coffee warehouse, Diane assures Jason that Max will do nothing to jeopardize the organization during his charade.

Claudia spins a yarn to Lucky about her brother hooking up with a prostitute in order to ease his heartbreak over Lulu.

Kate again pushes Olivia to come clean with Sonny about his child.

Jerry suggests to a worried Alexis that she give Sam the benefit of the doubt. Johnny rails at Claudia for spreading lies which could wind up hurting the girl he loves.

Carly turns to Jason for help putting the brakes on Sonny's thirst for revenge. Meanwhile, Maximus offers Sonny some unsolicited advice.

Jerry slyly fuels Alexis' fears. Claudia tries again to convince Johnny to leave Lulu behind once and for all.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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