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Johnny accuses his dad of faking paralysis and mental illness. Carly tells Nikolas she's having second thoughts about selling him half her shares.

Maxie heads to Shady Brook to surprise Lulu with a visit and several gifts intended to cheer her up. At the hospital, Nadine confides to Elizabeth how mortified she was to collapse in front of Nikolas.

Jason fills Spinelli in on his argument with Sonny.

Lulu eagerly asks Maxie for news about Johnny. Elizabeth advises Nadine to follow her heart where the Cassadine prince is concerned.

Tracy finally locates Luke and warns him that his days of boozing through every cantina in Mexico are over. Spinelli plays devil's advocate for his mentor as Jason puzzles over his current dilemma.

Nikolas admits to Carly how he's hoping to prove something to Nadine by getting actively involved in the hotel.

Later, Carly consults with Jason about the wisdom of doing business with Nikolas. Maxie gets nowhere appealing to Johnny to see Lulu.

Meanwhile, Tracy tries to make Luke understand how desperate his daughter's situation truly is. Elizabeth summons Jason to her studio to discuss how little time they get to spend together.

After visiting Lulu, a concerned Spinelli confers with Maxie about the best way to help their troubled friend. Nikolas attempts to clear the air with Nadine. Lulu finds another threatening note on her bed.

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