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Sonny and Jason come close to sharing a friendly exchange as they wait for Robin's wedding. She tells her anxious uncle she's certain Patrick hasn't left her at the altar.

Luke and Tracy arrive at Shady Brook and discover that Lulu and her mother have each gone missing. In Los Angeles, Scott and Laura reminisce about their honeymoon.

Patrick and Matt work together in the OR to save Anthony's life. Jason assures Sonny he will never forget how much he owes his mentor and longtime friend.

Claudia reminds Johnny they'd both be better off if their father fails to survive the surgery.

Though her family and friends fear she's in denial, Robin stubbornly insists on donning her wedding gown so she'll be ready to become a bride the instant Patrick appears.

Luke guesses where Scott must have taken Laura and persuades a reluctant Tracy to accompany him on an impromptu jaunt to California.

Lesley gives Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu some insight into their mother's early days with Scott. After Matt helps Patrick make a mad dash to the church, a beaming Robin finally walks down the aisle on Mac's arm.

Laura explains to Scott why he can't win her back. As she stands beside her groom, Robin is startled to realize that her water just broke.

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