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As Tracy loudly objects to her stepdaughter being forced to testify, Edward also chimes in from the jury box.

Sonny appeals to Kate to reconsider but she icily declares that the wedding is off.

At the hospital, Robin snipes at Claudia for coming on to Patrick.

Later, Robin assures Patrick she knows he wasn't cheating on her.

Nikolas hurries to the courthouse after learning how his sister was removed from Shady Brook by Scott's minions.

Overruling Ric's protests, the judge instructs Lulu to take the witness stand. Sonny tells Kate he'll wait as long as it takes for her to realize that they belong together.

Sam explains to a disapproving Lucky how she's going to use her feminine wiles to lure Jerry into a trap.

Spinelli relates for Jason how Scott publicly humiliated Maxie during Johnny's trial.

Today's General Hospital really heats up as Lulu blurts out on the stand how she killed Logan Hayes!

Mike is disappointed to learn why his son's engagement is on the rocks. A labor dispute threatens to delay the publication of Crimson's highly touted premiere issue.

Scott paints Lulu's confession as the ravings of an unstable girl desperate to save her boyfriend from a lethal injection.

Later, a screaming Lulu is removed from the courtroom and returned to Shady Brook in Nikolas' custody.

Kate angrily accuses her former fiance of manufacturing a crisis for her magazine just so he can ride to the rescue.

Maxie sadly confides to Robin her fear that Spinelli will never look at her the same way again. Elizabeth makes it clear to Jason that she wants them to be a couple ... even if nobody else knows it.

Sam invites Jerry over for dinner. Maxie decides to move out of the penthouse. Kate hands her engagement ring back to Sonny.

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