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Epiphany accepts the job as jury foreperson. Elizabeth finally wears down Jason's resistance and makes love.

Sonny persists in his efforts to change Kate's mind.

At the free clinic, Nadine frantically attempts to draghim yet again.

Anthony reminds Trevor that their plant on the jury should ensure a verdict of not guilty.

Jerry describes fo Kate admits to Sonny that she still loves him but fears his connection to his ex will a come between them.

Sam reminds Lucky why she has to go expose his evil deeds.

As the jurors begin their deliberations, Epiphany and several others voice their belief that Johnny is innocent.

Jax gives Carly the cold shoulder.

Lulu pleads with Laura to let her tell Nikolas and Lucky about their mother's miraculous recovery.

Lucky slips out via Sam's balcony as Jerry arrives early for his date.

Epiphany begins to wonder if one of her fellow jurors might have a hidden agenda. Kate gives in to Sonny's entreaties.

Carly accidentally interrupts Jason and Elizabeth's moment of passion. Nikolas finds his clinic enveloped in smoke and flames.

Ric arranges for Johnny to receive a phone call from Lulu.

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