The Gilmore Girls in Summer
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Taylor decides that in order to boost tourism in Stars Hollow that the town will put on Stars Hollow: The Musical. They cast Violet (guest star Sutton Foster) in the lead role.

As Lorelai sits on the board for the musical, she realizes some deep and important truths about herself.

Lorelai and Luke continue to grow more and more disconnected from one another.

Rory takes over as the editor for the Stars Hollow Gazette, and quickly discovers that she can't make the citizens of Stars Hollow happy with her work.

Jess returns to town and encourages Rory to write a book about her life growing up with her mother. 

Rory and Logan end their personal relationship when Rory realizes that she'll always live as his mistress.

April returns from MIT and confesses her shortcomings to Rory after an awkward family dinner. 

Michel announces that he is leaving the Dragonfly because Lorelai can't give him what he needs there any longer.

Emily starts dating a new man, Jack Smith, an old friend of the family. Lorelai is uncomfortable with this new relationship, fearing that Emily is moving on from Richard too quickly. 

Lorelai decides that in order to move forward, she needs to take some time away from Luke.

Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Good news! We found our editor, and the Gazette is saved!


Rory: I'd have to stay in a hotel?
Logan: Well...
Rory: She's in town?
Logan: Yes.
Rory: For how long? (silence) She's moved in?
Logan: Yes.