Holiday Issues - Ginny & Georgia
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Georgia is nervous about Paul's parents coming for Christmas dinner. Ginny makes jokes, but it made it worse.

Ginny and Georgia get everyone involved in the winter carnival.

Gil teaches Austin's class how to do magic. He wants his visits to remain a secret.

Georgia is having a hard time with Ginny's poem and will barely speak to her, which was why Ginny suggested shopping.

Georgia and Ginny stop by Zion's while holiday shopping and unexpectedly meet Simone. Georgia wouldn't shut up.

There is lots of drama at the winter carnival, including Paul being mad about the women ogling him and Max throwing herself at Sophie at the kissing booth.

Marcus decorated Ginny's therapy journal.

Georgia is overdramatic, thinking everyone hates her.

Zion's parents and Paul's parents are from two different mindsets making this an awkward dinner.

Zion handles Georgia's panic attack, and Paul gets huffy. Zion's mom tells Ginny she doesn't hate Georgia. She doesn't think Georgia understands things.

Georgia runs to Joe's cafe after her night, and they bond. After she leaves, Cynthia shows up, and Cynthia and Joe make out.

Christmas morning, the kids' open presents and Austin does a magic trick, prompting Georgia to realize that Gil has returned. He promises he's changed and wants to see his son.

Georgia reads Ginny's therapy journal and learns she burns herself. She storms into Ginny's room, wanting answers. They cry, and Georgia longs to take away the pain.

Ginny & Georgia
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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I understand you are going through a hard time with Ginny, but I won’t allow you to disrespect me. Not at work and not at home. I live there now, and I won’t be disrespected in my own home. I’m there waiting for you to let me in.


Ginny: I’m sorry about the poem, mom
Georgia: I’m not doing this here, Virginia.
Ginny: I didn’t mean to embarrass you.
Georgia: I said it was fine.
Ginny: You can’t even look at me!