Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 5 to find out how Hannah deals with the news that Adam has a new girlfriend. Her friends take turns comforting her.

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Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 5 to find out how Hannah deals with the news that Aadm has a new girlfriend.

At the end of Girls Season 4 Episode 4 Hanna decides to leave Iowa and return to Brooklyn. When she gets home, Adam is at their old apartment with his new girlfriend Mimi Rose, played by guest star Gillian Jacobs.

Hannah flips out and Mimi Rose leaves. Hannah locks herself in her old room. Adam calls Marnia, Jessa, and Shoshanna. Shoshanna arrives first and is mildly helpful, but ultimately Hannah kicks her in the boobs and tells her to leave. Jessa arrives next and accidentally reveals that she was the one who set up Adam and Mimi Rose. The two girls get into a physical fight and Jessa leaves.

Adam's sister and Laird show up next, having switched apartments with Adam for the night. She attempts to be comforting. Ray shows up the next morning and cooks breakfast. Meanwhile Hannah is obsessed with watching a video of Mimi Rose giving a seminar. Last to show up, but not least, is Marnie. She tells Hannah what she doesn't want to hear: she needs to let Adam go.

Adam and Hannah have a heartfelt goodbye and Hannah heads to her new storage unit in Fort Greene.

Episode Details

On Girls Season 4 Episode 5, Hannah and Adam discuss their future while she relies on her friends for help as she attempts to get through a crisis.

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0 (16 Votes)
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Girls Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Adam: Sorry I know this is fucking weird, but if I knew you were coming home-
Hannah: What? You wouldn't have had a girlfriend?

You don't know Hannah. She'll stay in there until we have a new president. She's stubborn as fuck and likes to be in bed a lot.