Hannah: I don't understand why you're yelling at me when I'm in emotional pain!
Loreen: Yeah, well you know who else is in emotional pain?
Hannah: Who?
Loreen: Fucking everyone! For their whole lives!

Hannah: I'd love it if you'd stop singing, and so would Grover. He doesn't like it.
Marnie: I feel like you're both kidding, so I'm going to keep going.

I don't know when my vagina and my butthole are going to start feeling like two separate entities again, but I'm really looking forward to that.


Loreen: Hi. What happened to your pants?
Hannah: You know. Kind of what you'd think.

Police Officer: So, uh, what brings you out here without pants and shoes?
Hannah: Oh, um, I had a baby pretty recently, so...
Police Officer: Sounds about right.

Loreen: Are you happy here?
Marnie: I don't need to be happy.
Loreen: Why?
Marnie: It's just not my time. This is important. Hannah's my best friend.

Hannah: Don't you get it? I don't want him to turn out fine. I want him to turn out better than fine. He's so beautiful. He's so much more beautiful than me.
Loreen: He really is.

Okay, I need this to stop. Because A) it's fucking revolving, and B) every time you say "nipple," a fairy dies.

Hannah [to Marnie]

Grover! Come on. It's good. There's a businessman who'd pay a lot of money to do this.


Marnie: Who's here? I'm here. I win. I'm your best friend. I'm the best at being your friend. I love you the most.
Hannah: Okay.

Hannah: It's okay. It's okay. I mean, think about it. We were all just doing our best, so.
Jessa: Our best was awful.
Hannah: Worst best.

Jessa: I think it turns out that I wasn't as ready to help people as I thought. I just needed to take a long, hard look in the mirror, as my mother would say.
Hannah: What'd you see?
Jessa: A fucking bitch.

Girls Quotes

Ok I think I got everything, testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch.


Jessa: It's pot, do you want some?
Shoshanna: Oh no, I'm hyper enough already.