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On this episode of Glee...

... Quinn considers keeping her baby because Puck has been so sweet. But after thinking a session of babysitting with him - for Terri's sister - went well, she learns he was "sexting" with another girl the entire time. Quinn, therefore, expresses her love to Finn again and tells Terri she can have the kid.

... Rachel tries to get madeover in order to impress Finn, but it goes awry when he says he liked her the way she was. When Kurt and Rachel see Quinn and Finn together at the end of the episode, they share a sad look and a wave with each other.

... Will gets to know the directors of two of the club's his team will be competing against at sectionals. One is a school for the deaf, the other a school for troubled kids (coached by guest star Eve). After showing McKinley's set list to Sue, we learn that she then shows it to the competition, trying to sabotage McKinley's chances at sectionals.

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Glee Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

We have nothing to be afraid of.


Will: Here's the problem with Sue Sylvester: you never quite know where you stand.