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On Glee, Brittany S. Pearce hits a downward spiral. She's kicked off the Cheerios, Santana's too busy to Skype, and she's failing math. Again. To help her out of her funk, the glee club performs songs from Brittany's idol, Britney Spears.

Marley and Jake grow closer and Jake defends Marley's mom when some boys make fun of her in the cafeteria. Will introduces Jake to his brother Puck and Puck tells Jake he should reconsider joining glee.

In New York, Rachel and Kurt find an apartment and Cassie tells Rachel that Rachel has no sex appeal. To prove Cassie wrong, Rachel enlists Brody to perform a sexy dance number.

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Glee Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Well that was just garbage. Garbage wrapped in skin.


Brittany: My name is Brittany S. Pierce, and I finally know how Jesus feels in his house way up at the North Pole because I am on top of the world. Senior year was awesome and now I get to relive every minute of it. I'm head Cheerio, vice-Rachel of the Glee club, and now I'm planning a Middle East style sham election that will install me as senior class president for life.
Blaine: Brittany, who are you talking to?
Brittany: I thought I was doing a voice over.

Glee Season 4 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Glee cast hold it against me Hold It Against Me Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast boysboyfriend Boys/Boyfriend Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast womanizer Womanizer Glee Cast iTunes