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As Glee Season 6 Episode 11 begins, Will works with the New Directions on choreography for Sectionals. There is still tension in the group, particularly when it comes to deciding who will be featured at the competition. Roderick and Spencer are relegated to the back row. They decide to ask Kitty to work with them so they can improve.

Sam continues pushing Rachel to go back to school before continuing on to Broadway. She tells him she doesn't want to talk about it unless he wants to talk about supporting her choice. As she begins singing "Listen To Your Heart," her former flame Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) shows up in the auditorium and begins singing with her. He's come to ask her a very important question.

Jesse reveals that he pushed the producers on the Russell Simmons Broadway show to offer Rachel a role in the show. He's playing the lead and he wants to play opposite Rachel. He doesn't believe she needs to return to NYADA and knows she's born for the stage.

Will and Kitty try to help Roderick and Spencer learn the choreography and Spencer ends up with a sprained ankle. Sheldon advises him not to perform at Sectionals but he's adamant that he'll be there because they have to win.

Kurt tells Rachel that he wants her to do whatever will make her happy but more importantly, he wants her to appreciate this time in her life. He tells her that returning to Lima and coaching glee club might have been crazy but it was also inspiring and then talks to her about how she's returned to the same crossroads where she found herself a year ago and now she has the chance to choose a different path.

In the choir room, the New Directions receive packages. One by one the boxes explode raining confetti and glitter all over the room. Will suspects Sue is behind the attack and goes off in search of his nemesis. He finds Sam outside, puking, and goes off in search of the school nurse. Instead he finds all the teachers in the lounge puking and learns that Sue has put an emetic in the McKinley High School water supply. When Sue sets Will's car on fire, Will retaliates by shaving Sue's hair off.

Sue and Vocal Adrenaline break into McKinley and Sheldon finds them in the locker room. Sheldon is offended that Sue would go on to coach Vocal Adrenaline after they trashed his car and Sue, instead of siding with her friend, chooses to defend her team and her position among them.

Vocal Adrenaline performs "We Built This City" at Sectionals with a highly choreographed number using props and scaffolding and the performance shocks New Directions. During their performance of "Mickey," Sue channels her inner cheer coach and features flag spinning and unicycles and shoots one of the singers out of a cannon.

The New Directions circle up in the choir room and Will hands the floor to Rachel for the pre-show pep talk. Spencer has hobbled off to get cortisone shots in his ankle and just before the needle is inserted, Roderick comes in with an idea. They take a serious risk on his suggestion and receive a standing ovation from all but one of the judges and Vocal Adrenaline.

The judges deliberate and have trouble deciding on which school will win. Ultimately, the New Directions win. Vocal Adrenaline take second place. As Sue walks off the stage, she turns toward Will and gives a smile which he doesn't see.

After the students go home, Sue and Will have a showdown in the hall. She tells him that she's the reason she won Sectionals. She sabotaged Vocal Adrenaline from the inside after performing in depth background histories on each of the judges. 

Rachel sees Jesse after the competition and he reminisces about how much he misses his days on the stage singing and dancing with his friends. He offers her a place to stay in New York until she can get herself settled and she tells him she turned down the part and has decided to return to NYADA. They promise to run into one another in New York.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We make really great music together, Rachel. We always have.


[to Rachel] You know, we all support you. We always do. Just please think about the future, and not just, like, the next month or the next big ticket out of here. Look back at yourself from the future and ask yourself if dropping out of NYADA is something you're proud of.


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Glee cast listen to your heart Listen To Your Heart Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast we built this city We Built This City Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast mickey vocal adrenaline Mickey (Vocal Adrenaline) Glee Cast iTunes