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On Glee Season 6 Episode 10, Will runs a New Directions rehearsal as they gear up to get their set list together for Sectionals. Kurt and Blaine enter the auditorium midway through the performance looking glum. Will asks them for pointers and Blaine tells him that Dalton Academy burned to the ground.

He invites the Warblers to McKinley and tells the New Directions that the choirs will be joining together to become a supergroup. Kitty asks why Rachel isn't there and Will says she's in New York on business. Jane disagrees with the joint venture given her history with the Warblers.

Sue enters the choir room and tells the Warblers they need to leave McKinley and Will tells the boys to stay. She vows Doomsday and leaves to find a screaming Becky Jackson in her office. Becky's moral line is Sue disallowing the Warblers to join the New Directions and she's not even sure why. She vows to ruin Sue Sylvester and Sue blames Becky's boyfriend for the outburst.

Rachel, we learn, has returned to NYADA to beg Carmen Tibedeaux for her spot back. The secretary tells Rachel not to get her hopes up.

Sue is called to a meeting with the Superintendent and finds Will in the room. He's seen her hurt locker and found a stuffed doll of his nephew inside, along with the shrine to Klaine, and her once upon a time centerfold in Penthouse. He fires her on the spot with Will as his witness.

Geraldo Rivera runs a special report about the rise and fall of Sue Sylvester wherein Sue plans to clear up the misinformation being spread about her. Instead, Rivera reveals that most of Sue's curriculum vitae is a work of fiction. After interviewing students at McKinley and learning all of the horrible things Sue did there, Sue blames Will for the takedown but Rivera tells her, and the world, that it was one Becky Jackson.

Sue seems like a broken woman as she watches Becky spill her secrets. Sheldon Beiste stands on her side and supports her, but things take a turn when Sue's own mother says she never loved her daughter. Sue punches Geraldo Rivera in the face and walks out of the interview, but Will has the last word. He believes Sue deserves a second chance.

Sue's mother visits McKinley and they discuss Sue's childhood. Sue's mother says she never got the hang of the parenting thing and says she always tried to force Sue to like the things she liked instead of letting Sue like what she wanted. Then she apologizes for missing out on Sue's life. Sue, who hates musicals, sings "The Trolley Song" with her mother because she loves the sound of her own voice.

Rachel is back at McKinley and she says that Carmen Tibedeaux told her to get out of her office after saying she could see that Rachel was humble. Rachel tells Blaine, Mercedes, and Sam about the meeting and they try to tell her she's reading too much into it. She gets a phone call from a New York number and learns she was offered the part she auditioned for. They want her to start in three weeks.

Will is rehearsing with the new New Directions-Warblers supergroup and it's clear that the New Directions do not have the same dance skills as the Warblers. The situation is tense and Will tells the Warblers they need to lose the jackets. The Warblers' captain says the jackets are more than just a uniform and Sheldon enters to inform them all that Sue is the coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

While she puts them through the Barf-Tron 200 to deem whether or not they're worthy of her as their coach, she burns her McKinley memorabilia, trophies and all. 

Sam stops into the choir room to see Rachel where she's trying to come up with a way to convince the New Directions to wear Dalton Academy blazers. He tells her she's making a mistake by taking the part and that she should focus on NYADA. While they're talking, she gets another phone call.

Carmen Tibideaux wants Rachel back in NYADA, but after getting the part, Rachel doesn't want to go. Sam tells her that by skipping NYADA she's making the same mistake she made the first time around. Sam goes to Will to ask him to intervene with Rachel and they hear "The Final Countdown" coming from the auditorium. Sue has come back to threaten Will. Again.

Blaine tells Will it was both weird and borderline psychotic to see he and Sue perform an air guitar solo and then they're joined by Rachel and Kurt who have just learned that if the New Directions-Warblers supergroup don't win at Sectionals, the arts are gone for good, despite the fact that Rachel is paying for all of this out of her own pocket. 

Blaine reveals the supergroup's new uniforms to Rachel and Kurt.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

It's hard to believe it's only been a year since I walked the halls of NYADA, but I feel liek a completely different person. I used to be just like them, naive and eager, and I used to see this place as just another stepping stone on the way to bigger things. But I'm not that girl anymore. I've been through the fire and clawed my way back.


I'm sorry, but the aroma of overly dry-cleaned polyester uniforms just wafted into my office and up my extremely sensitive nose.


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Glee cast the trolley song The Trolley Song Glee Cast iTunes
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