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Stan gets arrested in front of his family. 

Beth meets with Dean and he tells her that he wants her out of the "business". 

Gregg stops by to give Annie a giftcard for helping Nancy during childbirth, and he meets Noah. He later tells Annie to watch out for him. 

The ladies decide to rob the quikcash to get money for Stan's bail. When they get there before close, they find out the safe is on a timer and they have to wait until morning for it to open. They then have to kidnap the clerk, JT, for the night and return him in the morning to open the safe. 

Beth goes to her mother-in-laws for Emma's birthday and gains some clarity about her marriage to Dean. 

Beth tells Dean that she's getting out of the business and staying away from Rio. She then goes to Rio and tells him that she has his money. They go to her house and have sex, prior to her telling him that she's done with him, the money laundering, and the pills. 

JT doesn't go to the police about the robbery (even though he heard Ruby's voice) and in exchange he asks for her address so he can use it for his nephew to go to a better school. 

Dean brings the kids home to Beth. 

Annie attempts to break things off with Noah, but he tells her that he's on probabtion for robbery and she opens up to him. 


Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Beth: You know what would be so nice? Is if you gave me a break just once.
Rio: Rough week?
Beth: My husband took my children.
Rio: I know it's lonely at the top.

Gregg: Um, you move fast.
Annie: I work with him.
Gregg: Of course you do.
Annie: He's my boss.
Gregg: Of course he is.