Dean [to Beth]- Is it our anniversary? Or is it just another day?

Ruby- Hello, old friend.

Beth- I did something.
Ruby- You know where my mind goes.
Annie- I know, baby.
Ruby- Like it's PTSD level. That treehouse really messed me up.

Beth- I don't want to see any eyes! If I see any eyes, I swear to God, I will put a bullet between them.

Stan [to Ruby]- You asked what it would take for me to walk out the door. You knew the answer and you did it anyway.

Mary Pat [to Boomer]- Just because you want something, doesn't give you the right to take it.

Beth- Is it gonna be you? Or do I come home one day and your boys are in my kitchen?
Rio- Elizabeth, go home.

Annie- You can't like finance it or something?
Beth- It's a kidney, not a refrigerator.

Beth- I'll write it down, but he needs a village.

Ruby- Let me just say. It's one thing to wash fake cash or rob a grocery store. But there is a line here. And if you cross it, you can't come back.
Beth- Then we don't come back.

Dean- Why don't you let me help you?
Beth- I don't know that you can.
Dean- Maybe not. But what do you got to lose?

Annie- If we don't use guns, is it really even a crime?
Ruby- Yeah.

Good Girls Quotes

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]

Ruby: So when you wanna do this?
Annie: Well I already bought three automatics and filed off the serial numbers. So, really, name a day.