Phoebe: So, this is all on him?
Nick: Look, did I know that he was running with the wrong crowd? Sure. Did I know that he was going to use my position to line his pockets? Absolutely not.
Dave: But his name isn't on any of this.

Ruby: Stop being his bitch.
Stan: How am I supposed to do that?
Ruby: We run!

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Rio: If you need something, darling, all you gotta do is ask.
Beth: He's you brother.
Rio: Cousin.
Beth: Family.
Rio: He's in our way.

Rio: You know me.
Nick: Do I?
Rio: I'll do what I gotta do, alright?
Nick: Let's see how far we can take her, yeah?
Rio: Drag that bitch til she drops.

He was never in it for you. I really did want Nevada.

Beth [to Dean]

Nick: Why can't it be him?
Dave: Cuz he's got something you don't.

Kevin: So you don't wanna date?
Annie: Right?
Kevin: But you don't wanna not date?
Annie: Right.
Kevin: Essentially you wanna not, not date.
Annie: I think so.
Kevin: But do you wanna not, not date anyone else?
Annie: No.
Kevin: I mean, I'm down with that.

Dean: We're in a cult, dude.
Stan: Yeah, they got us good.

Annie: Are you asking us to break the law?
Dave: Does that make you uncomfortable?

Nick: You gotta play by their rules?
Beth: Why?
Nick: Cuz then we get to do things our way.

How could you?

Beth [to Dean]

Beth: What is this?
Mick: Consequences.

Good Girls Quotes

Annie- Are people like pulling your pants down?
Sadie- They want to know what I am.

Ruby [to teenage boy]- I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're too stupid to understand basic human decency. And how to treat anyone, especially service people with respect.
Tony- She doesn't mean that.
Ruby- No, I do. I am one sorry bitch.