Ruby- Just because other girls do crazy, stupid ass stuff doesn't make it okay. You wouldn't do those things so why in the hell would you do this?
Sarah- They used to make fun of the oxygen tank weirdo. Now they don't. I'm dope.
Ruby- Stealing doesn't make you dope, Sarah. It just makes you a dope.

Beth- How long are we shut down?
Rio- Til further notice.

Ruby- She's been missing that thug life!

Beth- It's that kid or us.

Annie- If we don't use guns, is it really even a crime?
Ruby- Yeah.

Dean- Why don't you let me help you?
Beth- I don't know that you can.
Dean- Maybe not. But what do you got to lose?

Beth- You can't just bail when things get bad.
Ruby- Things got bad the second we took down that grocery store.

Dean- Okay. Are you a drug lord? Are you running a prostitution ring?
Beth- Don't you wish.

Annie- I just want my kid back, ya know?

Ruby- You know what else I got? I have a new theory on money.
Stan- Tell me.
Ruby- It's like a boomerang. If you throw it out there, it's gonna come back.

Beth [to Rio]- And don't ever point a gun at me again.

Stan- I thought we was living here a little.
Ruby- Yeah, a little. Not like Jay and Bey.

Good Girls Quotes

Beth- Rio.
Annie- Okay.
Beth- His names Rio.
Ruby- Oh, is his name Rio?

Beth [to Rio]- And don't ever point a gun at me again.