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  • Mariana asks Callie to come to the Coterie for a get together on Valentine's day before everyone heads out for other plans. She complains to Isabella when it seems like Callie will decline. 
  • Mariana puts it in Callie's head that Jamie might be trying to propose and Callie spends the rest of the time freaking out. 
  • Callie comes over, and when she mentions something about a group chat, everyone denies it. 
  • Alice encourages Dennis to make a move on Davia and invite her out. He asks Davia out to dinner and when she reminds him that it's Valentine's day he says it's an anti valentine's day dinner. 
  • Dennis gets all dressed up and ready, but Davia tells him she wants to stay in since she's already drunk. She's still upset that Dennis told her doesn't want her coming to grief meetings with him anymore. 
  • At the meeting everyone assumed that she was Dennis wife. 
  • Mariana doesn't know what to get Raj and she asks the others for help. Isabella gives her a magic book to give to Raj. 
  • Jamie notices that Raj has some feelings for ISabella. Raj talks to him about them. 
  • Isabella tells Raj that she was the one who picked out the magic book. 
  • When the power goes out in all of the city, everyone is stuck at the coterie getting drunk and playing games. 
  • Isabella gave Gael shrooms and he took them and is being silly. He thinks about his past relationships and makes art. 
  • Davia takes some too, so when Dennis was about to to tell her he was in love with her, she says that she's high. He takes care of her until she falls asleep. 
  • After going to a meeting and listening to others talk about not being able to distinguish whether ther ewas genuine love or a need when they slept with their friends, Dennis decides not to pursue Davia yet.
  • Callie tells Jamie that she's not ready to get married. She mentions the ring, and he says that it belonged to his ex girfriend who he proposed to but she said no.
  • Isaac is acting strangely, and  when Malika assumes it had to do with her telling him that she loved him first. But when he tarts explaining what's happenign with him, she tells him that he has anxiety and reassures him that there is nothing wrong with taking care of one's mental heatlth.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Mariana: She's not coming, of course.
Isabella: Well, it is Valentine's Day.
Mariana: Yeah, but she's all about Jamie now. She couldn't care less about me.

Never have I ever been in love with someone in this room.