Joaquin: So I know emotions were kind of high last night, so if this is just something that happened and you're still figuring things out, then I get it.
Mariana: No, I'm ready to move on.

Joaquin: What's wrong?
Mariana: Evan got his memory back.

Evan: I remember everything. It all came back to me at once: everything we've been through and all of my feelings. Mariana, I love you.

Dennis: Do you think anyone will remember us? That we were even here.
Callie: I'd like to think so.
Gael: That we had some sort of impact.

Callie: What happened to the sitcom?
Alice: I had to turn it down. I didn't want to leave the guys, and they ended up canceling the sitcom anyway. Yup, they pulled the plug, it's a brutal business.

Sumi: Hey, starfish, what's wrong?
Alice: I just got off the phone with the landlord. They're selling the building, and we all have to be out in three months.

Davia: It's the end of an era.
Alice: I hate endings.

Davia: So what do we do?
Dennis: We do long-distance. I'll come to New York as much as I can. You can come home whenever you can.
Davia: OK, but if the show is a success, two years is a long time.
Dennis: Not in the scale of our whole lives together.
Davia: Are we spending our whole lives together?
Dennis: That's my plan.

Malika: I need you to make a decision. I've got to know where we stand and if I need to move on. And before you answer that, there's something else: my work is not going away. I want to be with you, but I have plans for my career, and I'm about to make a pretty bold move, so you have to be on board.
Angelica: On board with what exactly?

Mariana: I don't want to say goodbye.
Callie: I know. Me neither.
Mariana: It's been quite the journey.
Callie: It certainly has. And there is no one that I would've rather done it with.

Diane: I want to clarify something, Callie. I do like you. I'm just scared, I guess of losing my son. Sons tend to gravitate more towards their wives' families, and it's clear that you're not a big fan of mine, so I'm just worried that your feelings towards me are going to pull Jamie in further away.
Callie: You raised Jamie to be such an amazing man. I respect you for that. I would never ever try to spoil his relationship with you or take him away. I promise.

Callie: I just don't want to be needy.
Jamie: Callie, if there is one thing you will never be, it's needy. You are so independent sometimes I wish you needed me a bit more. Out of all my friends, you are by far my best friend. You're the one I want to hang out with the most.

Good Trouble Quotes

Callie: Why did you call me?
Kathleen: I want you to be my lawyer.

Wilson: Can I ask a favor?
Callie: Of course.
Wilson: I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell the others about my son -- that he's not studying abroad.
Callie: Actually, that night, I did mention that I had seen him. That's all I told them.