Mariana: I understand. It's your company. It's your call, but I can't be a part of it anymore.
Evan: Don't go. Please.
Mariana: I have to.
Evan: What about us?
Mariana: I don't know.

Your job is not to argue the facts, it's to form your own narrative. The courtroom is theater. You're the actor trying to manipulate the judge and jury. If it doesn't fit you must acquit. Of course the glove fit, Callie. But the actor convinced the jury that it didn't. Read the jury. Read the judge, and put on a show. Understood? 


Callie: Why didn't you let anyone at the Coterie know?
Malika: My team's raising bail, and I didn't want to worry anyone.
Callie: OK, well, we're your team too. We want to be here for you. 

I live in an intentional community which for the uninitiated translates to millennial clown car. I'm the manager, so I drive the car. It's a jalopy that runs on sexual tension and bad decisions which we have plenty of.


All we've done since we've gotten here is fight.  For gender and pay equality. And we're still not taken seriously or really heard. It's like death by 1000 paper cuts. And the bottom line is we don't own any of our work. I can't give my energy to a place that takes the best of me and won't stand up for what's right. 


Thank you all for standing up for me and for fighting against oppression no matter the consequences. You all inspire me to do better and be better every day. 


It's always the right time to look like a boss bitch.


I get it. It's harder to be an ally when you've got something to lose.


I know that you didn't cheat on me. But I don't know if you didn't want to, and these feelings that we have for other people make me feel like, I don't know, that we're questioning whether we really do want to be together. As long as we have those questions, then I don't think that we should be. 


I'm sorry I've been avoiding you, I just needed time to think. You're my boss, and every way that I look at it, dating you is just a bad idea. But I do know that these feelings aren't just going to go away. So maybe we can find a way to turn this bad idea into a good one.


Counselor: Grief is not predictable. We think we're getting past it even and then something triggers a wave of pain that completely overwhelms us.
Davia: I know that you told him that we shouldn't get involved, that he can't trust his feelings. So maybe he confused needing me with wanting me. Maybe that's what he realized in the morning and that's why he freaked out. I guess this is my fault.
Counselor: Davia, you can't fix Dennis. This is no one's fault. And I encourage you to be as kind and empathetic to yourself as you are to Dennis.

Jamie: Whether you meant it or not, you ruined me, Callie. How is that not personal? 
Callie: Well, I'm sorry.
Jamie: It's too late. Like I said, you made your choice, and there's nothing else to talk about.

Good Trouble Quotes

I thought the free toilet paper would be a nice perk. I had no idea how much people would overwipe. You wouldn't believe it. I hope you guys are eco-friendly.


Mariana: We're so lit.
Callie: We're pretty lit.
Both: We're straight up fire!