I invested $250K of my own money to make this dream of yours come true! Time for you to step up. We need the money; you need to find it.


Why don't you move into the Coterie while you're in recovery? You can have my room.


You're the only real friend I can trust on this show. Thank you.


Malika: You were in the hospital?
Isaac: Yeah. Malika: Anything serious?
Isaac: I was in rehab.

I hope you rot in prison for the rest of your life!


Malika: Who flipped?
Colleague: Jack Hoss.

Evan: Why do I feel as if I can't say no to you?
Mariana: Because you know it's a good idea.

Greetings, employees. I'm Evan Speck, and you need to exercise your stock options immediately, or there will be consequences.


Since when has the board of directors ever given a shit about the workers? All they want to do is get rich off the backs of all of you. That's why they're trying to steal this company from Evan. While he is recovering from a terrible trauma. A trauma he sustained because he was trying to help me. I had gotten myself in a dangerous position trying to help someone else, and because I didn't show up for work, Evan came looking for me and was shot. He almost died. Evan is a good man. You've seen how much he's evolved this workplace how much he has evolved. He wants to do better and be better. He's the heart and soul of this company. There is no Speculate without Evan Speck. I have faith in him, and if you put your faith in him, you won't be sorry.


Evan: Why didn't you tell me this?
Mariana; The doctor said not to.
Evan: I don't care what the doctor said! I can't have people keeping things that I don't remember from me. It is hard enough being in the dark, I don't even remember how I got shot!

Evan: Mariana, why did I go to that Farm looking for you? The real reason.
Mariana: You went to the Farm because we used to be in a relationship.
Evan: A relationship.
Mariana: A romantic relationship.
Evan: And we aren't or weren't anymore.
Mariana: No.
Evan: What happened?
Mariana: It just... didn't work out.

Sumi: Why are you sharing our personal life with your co-workers?
Alice: That's what we do in writer's rooms; we share personal experiences, and it helps us relate to the characters.
Sumi: You are writing for ferrets!
Alice: Ferrets are people too! Sort of.