They are the idiots, okay? You don't need them. And I'm not going to leave you.


Dyonte: Maybe this isn't going to work.
Malka: Maybe you lean too heavily on the women in your life. Tanya supported you when you were an intern. I wrote your grant, and five minutes after you and Tanya broke up, you asked me to be your primary.
Dyonte: If that's how you feel.
Malika: How I feel is unsupported by you, especially when your solution to all of this is to break up. Dyonte: Maybe I do rely too much on women. Maybe I need to be alone for a while to figure my shit out. Malika: Yeah. Maybe that's what you need to do.

Davia: So what did you really think?
Dennis: I really think that was the most goddamn Davia Moss thing you could've done.

Isabella's Mom: Since it's too late for an abortion, we think you should give the baby up for adoption.
Isabella: I'm not giving up my baby.
Isabella's Mom: Raising a child is a lifetime commitment that you are completely unprepared for, especially alone.
Isabella: I'm not alone. Gael and I are coparenting.
Isabella's Father: You mean the starving artist you had a one-night stand with? How he's going to take care of you? What guarantee do you have that he'll actually stick around?
Isabella's Mom: What happens when he starts a family with someone he's actually in love with?

Davia: Please, don't leave town.
Luca: I think I have to.
Davia: Why?

I realized my fear is most crippling when I don't face it.


I've never been sexy in front of him before, I mean, even though we've had sex, once. I don't know. I've never stuck my butt in his face.


Isabella: I want to have faith, too, but--
Gael: Isabella. That's why you have me to lean on.
Isabella: I've never been able to lean on anyone. My parents were never there for me. They always left me with babysitters, and it was like they were so in love with each other, but there was never any room for me. No matter what I did or who I tried to be, I could never make them love me.
Gael: Your parents suck.
Isabella: Yeah.
Gael: You know I'm not just here for the baby. I'm here for you too.
Isabella: Ok, if you believe the baby will be alright, so will I.

Mrs: Kwan: We may be Chinese-Americans, but this country sees us as Chinese first, even if we are citizens, we're treated as guests here.
Mr. Kwan: We survived this long by keeping our heads down and not attracting attention. Going public could make things worst. Make this man more angry. This time it was a soda but next time he could have a gun.

I know you're not fine as a woman, as a proud Asian, and just as a human being. what happened to you was terrifying and humiliating. And though I don't agree, I understand the advice your parents gave you.


As far as depending on anyone, at some point, we all need to accept help. I promise you that you are safe here and you can trust that this is real.


Joaquin: There's more to you than I gave you credit for, and I'm sorry if I was kind of an asshole when we met.
Mariana: Kind of? Hey, your sister's out there, she's just really good at hiding.
Joaquin: Yeah, hopefully not in a shallow grave somewhere.
Mariana: Hey, don't go there. She's alive and well, and we're going to find her.

Good Trouble Quotes

I thought the free toilet paper would be a nice perk. I had no idea how much people would overwipe. You wouldn't believe it. I hope you guys are eco-friendly.


Mariana: We're so lit.
Callie: We're pretty lit.
Both: We're straight up fire!