Trying to Help - Good Trouble
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  • Joaquin updates Mariana on the latest.
  • She talks to him about Evan, and she tells him that she has to figure things out.
  • Sumi is still trying to pleasure Alice, but she's having a hard time allowing it and keeps thinking about her mother.
  • Asher asks Davia out to dinner.
  • Gael and Isabella talk to her therapist about Isabella's decision to give up the baby. Isabella shares that she kissed Dennis.
  • Gael says he refuses to give up their baby and would raise her alone if he has to.
  • Alice talks to her brother about the shame surrounding sex.
  • Joaquin talks to a woman who knew Gary and invested in his plans. Gary/Silas conned them out of their money.
  • Mariana tells Evan about how much money they're losing because of Zelda's attack agains them.
  • Davia is having a good time on her date with Asher when Dennis and Ryan show up there. INtroductions are made and it gets awkward when Dennis calls Ryan a friend.
  • Mariana figures out a connection between the honey and Jenna. She heads back to the farmer's market and asks around abuot Jenna but hears that Jenna isn't work the markets and is needed at the farm. They invite her to the farm to jion them.
  • Mariana is taken there and meets Silas. They expect to keep her.
  • Joaquin learns that Silas lured girls there and he'd rape them and blackmail them with the sex tapes.
  • Sumi gets offered the job over Alice.
  • Gael talks to Dennis and says that maybe she's right about the baby and giving her up.
  • Asher's wife returns.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

You ever think about mom when you're having sex?


Asher: Laura, what are you doing here?
Laura: I came to see my son.