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Gossip Girl begins with, well, Gossip Girl talking about last week's events. Serena is back! Her brother tried to commit suicide! Chuck is slimy! Dan has a crush on Serena! But Nate slept with her last year! And, well, anyone who saw it last week knows the rest. Onto The Wild Brunch...

Chuck's dad, Bart, is hosting a brunch for his foundation. Most of the big wigs are invited... except Dan and Jenny. The siblings are at home, going over the events from the night before. Jenny feels stupid about trusting Chuck, while she also feels like mocking her brother for his awkward wave goodnight to Serena from the previous evening.

Meanwhile, Serena is going over the date with her brother in the hospital. Sounds like she's crushing big time!

Unfortunately, the paths of these two hopeful loves get crossed: Dan goes to visit Serena at her hotel, only to miss her because the woman of his affection just left to talk to Blair. This leaves both Dan and Nate in the lobby waiting for her. Awkward alert!

Just as unsettling? The chat S has with B. That's because Blair informs Serena that she knows all about her boinking her boyfriend and she'd prefer it if Serena stayed away from her, Nate and all their friends from now on. For some reason, though, we doubt this is gonna happen. In fact, they all meet up in a hotel suite very shortly. But more on that in a moment.

First... Jenny goes over to Blair's right after S leaves and you can tell B is trying to make little Ms. Humphrey her next working bee. In fact, she gives Jenny a dress as a thank you/bribe/remember-how-awesome-I-am-when-I-need-a-favor-down-the-line gift. Serena, meanwhile, runs into Dan back at her hotel and they end up attending the brunch together. This - as the name of the episode implies - is when things get wild:

Nate corners Serena and gives her the key to Chuck's suite. No, no, that for that reason. Because he wants to talk to her. They plan to meet up there in ten minutes. However, Chuck (and his black eye, courtesy of Dan's punch from the night before) gives Blair a key to the same room because he convinces her it's time to make sure Nate has eyes for no one else; i.e. go have sex with your boyfriend.

Of course, when Blair and Nate kiss their way into the suite, Serena is there. B isn't pleased, even though Nate said they were just gonna talk. But Blair storms downstairs, everyone gathers together and it comes out that Serena and Nate did the deed. Dan - who overheard Lily and Chuck Bass discussing their private relationship earlier! - is finding this out for the first time, of course, and leaves in a huff. He thought Serena was different. Which seems a tad judgmental, in our view. After all, Dan didn't even know Serena at the time.

Anyway. Dan goes home and determines that he's not cut out for that rich world. But Jenny seems smitten with the dress Blair gave her, despite his brother's warning. The show closes with Blair and Nate lying in bed, Dan contemplating life, Gossip Girl saying Serena has no friends remaining and to prove it - gasp! - S tossing her cell phone in the garbage.

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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jenny: The real question is, so how are you?
Dan: Me? Why wouldn't I be okay?
Jenny: You know, at end of the night with Serena and the...
(Jenny gives Dan a awkward wave)
Dan: Was it really that bad

Jenny: I mean, how could I have actually thought Chuck Bass just wanted to talk to me?
Dan: Becuase you trust people. Which is normally a good thing.
Jenny: Yeah, except when it involves Chuck.
Dan: Yeah pretty much