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Sometimes, a fantasy is all we've got. We think we can turn it into real life, but that's easier said than done. So Meredith discovers as her dream of romance, passion and excitement with Derek and Finn soon becomes a dating debacle.

It starts to go downhill when Derek sabotages Finn's lunch with Meredith over crappy food at Seattle Grace, and ends with payback from the eager veterinarian as he interrupts a potential goodnight kiss after MerDer's dinner date. As the two McSuitors bicker at each other, Meredith admonishes them and tells them to get their bumbling, romantic butts in gear.

She retires to her bed -- where she began the episode, in fantasy land, with both men -- with two other people: Izzie and George. And ice cream. How did those two end up there with her? George shooed Callie out of the house, much to his relief. Izzie is unable to overcome her own fantasy of marrying Denny and living a life of eternal happiness.

Even with Richard agreeing to talk to Izzie about her reinstatement to the internship program at Dr. Bailey's insistence, Izzie refused to walk into the Chief's office until she could leave her own fantasy behind -- until she could get the image of herself in her wedding dress out of her head. She spends all day standing outside the hospital and never went in.

From the get-go, George was feeling smothered by Callie, who has taken up residence at the Grey ranch since being booted out of SGH by Richard. She takes his towel. She leaves boxes in the hallway. She wants a key. A key!

True to form, Bambi doesn't know how to handle his feelings. Ultimately, things come to a head when he convinces one of her patients -- admitted to the hospital for his fourth orthopedic surgery in a year -- to postpone it. Callie freaks, George is blunt, and she checks herself into a hotel.

As she's checking in, we see that a couple of familiar faces are doing the same: Dr. Webber, who is apparently no longer welcome at home; Addison, who's also homeless; Mark, who's not even from Seattle, but is determined not to let Addison get away a third time.

The hung over, confused Dr. Montgomery Shepherd tried to get her East Coast booty call out of town twice, but he's hanging around... even if he's not sure why yet. The McSteamy one and the Chief exchange words briefly in the hotel lobby, with both expressing confusion over why Mark is there.

Back at the hospital, a brain surgery patient and his wife teach Cristina a lesson about standing by the people we love. After an operation leaves the man's memory in limbo, his wife learns that she's in for a long, difficult haul in terms of his recovery. Cristina then decides to be proactive in aiding the therapy of Dr. Burke, who takes an extended leave of absence.

Perhaps the most intriguing fantasy of the night belongs to nine-year-old Megan, who believes she's a superhero because she doesn't feel pain. Alex eventually discovers that she's bleeding internally and has a chromosomal disorder that causes her not to feel hurt, even when she is.

She runs and hides when she learns surgery is on the agenda, worried that her foster parents will give her back. But Alex convinces Megan that just because she lacks magical powers doesn't mean she isn't a hero. This may not be a fantasy world, but there's hope for us all yet.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

FINN: "I was in the neighborhood. Well, really I wasn't, but you are worth the detour."
MEREDITH: "I had a dream about you last night."
FINN: "Was it a good dream?
MEREDITH: "It was."
FINN: "What was I doing?"
CRISTINA: "Yeah, Mer, what was he doing?"

DEREK: "Hey."
MEREDITH: "Hi. I had a dream about you last night."
DEREK: "You did? What was I doing, bringing you coffee?"
MEREDITH: "You were definitely not bringing any coffee. But coffee is good."