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Richard's mentor is coming in for surgery and he wants top priority given to it. Derek and Meredith's patient, who is about to undergo a clinical trial, has reservations about going through with it - she wants to wait for her boyfriend to talk to him about it first. Rebecca shows and Izzie confronts her about lying about being preggers.

Derek's patient's sister tells her there is no Andre and that her tumor has caused her to make him up. Rose wonders why Derek has been distant. The Chief enlists the help of the male staff members to win over his wife. Izzie finally tells Alex about Rebecca but he doesn't believe her. Mer tries to get her chart back from Dr. Wyatt but she'll need to make an appointment first, and therefore continuing therapy. Phew!

Cristina flips out on Lexie, saying that Meredith hates her and doesn't want to talk to her. She also loses it on George who was always Burke's "guy." She is also cleaning obsessively. Girl is a mess.

Mark tells Callie that if they're going to sleep together, they're going to date too. Richard tries to get Dr. Hahn to operate on his mentor, Walter, but she doesn't want to be the one who kills him so she refuses.

Lexie Grey confronts Meredith in the bathroom, saying that she forgives her for failing to be the big sister she hope she'd be. Meredith responds by scheduling a counseling appointment.

Rebecca demands that Mark give her a boob job but he says that he can't operate while she's pregnant. This is getting weirder by the minute!

George reads Richard an nice email that he wrote to Adlele on his behalf. Mark refuses to sleep with Callie and asks her if she ever thought about kissing Erica Hahn. Dr. Wyatt tells Meredith she's careless with life and will die if she's not careful. Meredith storms out of the office.

Hahn decides to operate on the Chief's mentor, Walter, and successfully does. Derek and Meredith sit and wait for Andre to show up but, as he doesn't exist, he never does.

Miranda and her husband fight over their son, who has been punching people in pre-school. Izzie shows Rebecca an ultrasound that shows that she has no baby. Alex comes in and tells Izzie.

Cristina tells Lexie to toughen up. She fires back, saying that while Yang sat on the floor writing charts, she scrubbed in on Walter's surgery, so there. George offers to watch little Tuck so Miranda can talk things out with her husband.

Alex stuns Izzie by inviting Rebecca to stay with them for a while so he can take care of her. Derek and Meredith lose another patient - and most incredibly, Andre is there to hear the bad news. He was real all along.

In order to push Mark's buttons, Dr. Hahn plants a kiss on Callie in front of him in the elevator. Instead of following Mark out of the elevator, she follows Erica.

Derek asks Rose to have a more casual relationship with him and just have fun. Meredith walks into Dr. Wyatt's office and opens up about the time when her mother, Ellis, tried to kill herself.

She tells the doctor to "fix her." It's about time.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Dr. Wyatt: We had our first honest conversation about your feelings, and now you want to leave. That timing doesn’t strike you as strange?
Meredith: No, and I’m still firing you.
Dr. Wyatt: No, you’re quitting.
Meredith: No, I’m not quitting. I don’t quit things.
Dr. Wyatt: No, actually you do. Your mother quit your father. Your father quit you. You quit your boyfriend and if I read your hospital chart correctly you quit your life momentarily on a couple of occasions. You quit. It’s what you know how to do.
Meredith: Now you’re really fired.

Callie: Give me two minutes I'll meet you in the third-floor on-call room.
Mark: [points to his pants, then his head] No. We're gonna sit, enjoy a nice meal. I've turned over a new leaf. From now on if you want this, you're gonna get this too.
Callie: Eww.

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Song Walk Like An Egyptian The Puppini Sisters
Song Your Red Dress (Wedding Song At Cemetery) Alaska In Winter
Song Uh, oh Electrocute