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Meredith freaks out that Derek found her mom's diary when he was trying to find a place for his clothes. Just when her anxiety attacks had started to fade.

Erica Hahn asks Callie out on a date and though she accepts, she spends the entire episode agonizing over it - sometimes to other surgeons. She even outs herself to Bailey.

Bailey suggests that they set up ground rules. In the end, we find out that Hahn is just as freaked out as Callie and they smile at each other.

The Chief is pissed because people keep requesting to be assigned to their preferred specialties. He is determined to get his point across and to be taken seriously.

Since Cristina always avoids the clinic, that's where she's assigned this week, with Lexie. Yang is so desperate for action that she misdiagnoses a woman's rash as a narcoleptic condition and asks Sloan to operate.

Instead, he sends her to dermatology to get some ointment. When Yang arrives in dermatology, she's amazed by the slower pace of the department.

One resident is complaining of getting too much sleep, doctors are baking cakes for each other's birthdays, they have a massage therapist on staff, and so on.

Meredith and Izzies both filter in, griping about their days to Cristina and staying to marvel at the strangeness of this dermatology department.

Finally, George comes in and gets them all back to work, at which point Cristina finds out that Lexie has been paging her for almost an hour.

The rash patient is steadily worse, finally going into respiratory distress just before Cristina arrives. Yang looks up the symptoms and administers medication.

The patient needs a biopsy and Cristina, now fully intrigued, wants to do it so she can learn more about dermatology.

Alex and Izzie are sent to the pit, meanwhile, where Alex dumps all of the assignments off on Izzie. Jerk.

Alex yoinks the CT scan Izzie ordered on a patient with a muscle twitch. It looks like there is a big tumor, so Alex brings it to Derek and he asks Alex to scrub in. Izzie is not pleased.

Izzie complains, but Derek lays the smack down and tells her to handle her own business and don't talk to him like he's her roommate.

Izzie decides to sabotage Alex by mentioning - to the patient - that Alex is off his game lately. The patient requests that Izzie be put back on his case rather than Alex. Alex then gets the same Derek response when he complains.

Meredith and George are assigned to help Hahn.

Their patient is a kid and the residents must help the parents chase him down while he attempts to evade surgery.

Predictably, Hahn and the Chief bitch at both of them for not being able to control the kid. Meredith freaks out that Hahn may think she's an idiot and gets Yang to give her a crash course in cardiology.

Hahn's so impressed that she allows Meredith to reattach one of the kid's arteries, which Meredith has no idea how to do. During the surgery, Hahn admits she knew Grey was BSing, but is impressed with Yang's teaching.

George spent the entire episode waiting to hear if he passed his residency exam from the end of last episode. Finally, he finds out that he is now a resident. Lexie wants to take him out to celebrate, but he's too excited to notice her and runs off to tell Meredith and Izzie. Poor Lexie.

Alex is also drinking alone at the bar. Izzie tries to invite him over while she's getting a drink, but he's keeping up the act. As she's about to walk away, he sort of apologizes, admitting he is angry at Rebecca but since he can't really be mad at her, he is taking it out on Izzie. Not fair, but at least he was honest about it and she appears to understand.

In the end, Meredith curls up with Cristina to finally confront her mother's memory by reading her diary.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Meredith: Why where you going through her things?
Derek: I was trying to find space for my clothes. Your closet is full.
Meredith: Oh.

Meredith: You keep a diary? Have I not known all this time that you keep a diary? Don't be shy, I think it's cute!
Derek: It's not mine.
Meredith: Who's is it?
Derek: Your mother's.