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The doctors get a quick sensitivity training from Bailey before their new patient comes in. Bobby is  a very large man.  He complained of stomach pains. There is a very large infection growing on the inside fold of his stomach. His wife shows up and is a pretty  and skinny woman. They crack fat jokes together and none of the doctors understand why. His wife tells the doctors that she is pregnant. Now, everyone is speechless.

Later, Derek has a meeting with the head doctors and decides that this surgery has too much risk. He cancels it and walks out of the meeting. Richard is able to convince Derek to push through anyway.

The problem with Bobby is that his skin has become dead and the infection is eating away his skin. If he doesn’t have the surgery he will die. He tells the doctors that he wants to die because he doesn’t want his child to know him like this and have to take care of him.

Alex meets with Bobby and convinces him to have the surgery and he is able to make it out okay.  Richard tells Bobby that he must change his lifestyle - it is an order.

Callie gets a patient in for a motorcycle accident who hits on her and tells her that she is hot.  Cristina actually likes it a bit, but tries to deny it. Later the woman gives Cristina her number.

Jackson and Cristina get to help Teddy whose patient Nancy comes in with stomach pains that turns out to be a heart attack. Teddy tells Cristina to stay with the daughter. Reluctantly she agrees.

As Cristina and Nancy’s daughter get to the ward to visit Nancy, just as she is being rushed into the OR because her ventricular wall collapsed. Teddy tells Cristina to come with her for the surgery, but because Cristina knows exactly how the little girl feels, she stays.

Jackson comes out to tell Cristina that the mother passed. While playing cards, Cristina is able to tell the daughter that if her mother dies, she did everything she could and even though the pain will be massive right now, over time it will lesson.

Later, Jackson tries to have a conversation about Cristina’s fathers death, but she snaps at him. When passing Meredith, she snaps at her too and asks her to find Owen.

In passing, Derek tells Meredith that Owen wanted Teddy gone.  Meredith was about to tell Cristina, but then she decides not to. Later, Meredith overhears Teddy thanking Owen for putting in a good word to keep her.

Owen puts it together that Derek said something and yells at Derek for not keeping what they talked about confidential.

Derek meets with his lawyer who coaches on what to say for the trial against Gary Clark. Mr. Clark is suing the hospital because his wife died and Derek signed her death sentence. Mr. Clark makes it very clear that he hates Derek and thinks of him as a killer.

Derek is beyond mad at Meredith for her telling Owen that she knew something was up. She tells him that she didn’t say anything and that Owen must have guessed it. Either way, Derek wants her to not say anything to Cristina even though Meredith feels she has to as Cristina’s best friend.

Owen goes to Cristina and she has a melt down about what happened with her patient’s mom.  That she really misses her dad.

Callie goes home to Arizona and tells her that she cant wonder if the cute woman would one day want to have a baby.  Arizona doesn’t want to keep her from not having children so they decide to break it off.

Alex signs the divorce papers that Izzie sent him and kisses Lexie. They go home together hand in hand.

Derek tells Meredith that he just wants to stop thinking about what he can and cant say. They both tell each other that they love each other and he heads out.

The episode ends with Derek and Mark on the rooftop of the hospital whacking golf balls.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

So remember to imply your ROC training and you will ROC your patients world.


The skin is the largest organ in the body - it protects us. Holds us together. Literally lets us know what we are feeling. The skin can be soft and vulnerable. Highly sensitive, easy to break. Skin doesn't matter to a surgeon. We will cut right through it, go inside, find out the secrets underneath. It takes delicacy and sensitivity.


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Wonder 1 Wonder Jack Savoretti iTunes
Bless the waves Bless The Waves The Deer Tracks iTunes
Song Be My Thrill The Weepies