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Derek begins his Alzheimers clinical trial. The second clinical trial patient has fallen in love with a woman he met at a facility even though he is married. The patient’s wife begs Alex to give her husband the drug, and the pressure of finding out that the patient has actually been given the placebo instead drives Alex to drop out of the clinical trial. Derek then asks Meredith to help him instead.

Callie tells Mark she is pregnant, and he is incredibly excited until he remembers that he is in love with Lexie. Callie thinks something might be wrong with the baby, but her new obstetrician, Dr. Fields, assures her that nothing is wrong. When Dr. Fields brings in a very sensitive fetal heart monitor, Callie, Mark, and Arizona get to see and hear the baby’s heart beating.  Arizona gets excited about the baby and moves back in with Callie.

Mark tells Lexie he got Callie pregnant, and she walks out on him.

The Chief is annoyed when he finds out that Bailey has been tweeting surgeries. He tells her to stop, but then Lexie gets tweets suggesting how to save the patient’s pancreas. The Chief finally understands the usefulness of tweeting and embraces the new technology.

Cristina and Jackson fight over working with Teddy on a surgery because they both want to be chief resident. They are both overzealous in pleasing the patient. Cristina shows that she does have good bedside manner, and then Jackson makes fun of Cristina for having dropped out of surgery for a while. She pretends to be upset to get the upper hand and eventually gets to scrub in with Teddy.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Doctors practice deception every day — on our patients, on their families. But the worst deception we practice is on ourselves. Which is why sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the truth has been in front of us the whole time.


How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!