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Nick barely has time to breathe from the revelation that Juliette has become a Hexenbiest when he is called to a crime scene where a young man has been murdered and his foot mysteriously removed.

They soon learn that the victim was a rabbit Wesen, and that the foot of such a Wesen is reputed to bring fertility to Wesen couples unable to have children. With the help of Monroe and Rosalee, Nick locates the fertility clinic where an employee is offering less-than-conventional fertility alternatives and discovers that there is a man out there hunting down rabbit Wesen for money.

The team is unable to locate the hunter before he kidnaps another victim, but they track him to his cabin in the woods and are able to rescue the young woman.

Meanwhile, Nick is feeling anger and jealousy that Juliette went to Renard before him when she learned of her new "condition," and the situation is made worse when the Hexenbiest Henrietta informs Nick that Juliette's condition is permanent. Juliette's relationship with Nick may be permanently shattered when he can't even look at her in her Hexen form.

Adalind, still reeling from her beat-down from Juliette, is rebuffed by Renard, but she also receives some shocking news from Henrietta: she's pregnant again, and there's only one possible father: Nick Burkhardt.

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