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A woman picks up a guy at a bar and takes him back to her place, only for her husband to show up and threaten the guy with a gun. The guy flees after giving the husband money, only to realize that he left his phone behind. He confronts the woman, only for her to woge into a tapeworm-like Hunta Lami Muuaji and kill him with flesh-eating slime.

Renard is dealing with phantom bleeding from the bullet wounds his mother healed and uses Juliette, who's still reeling from her issues with Nick, to open Adalind's grimoire to hopefully find a solution.

Nick and Hank investigate the businessman's murder and connect it with a string of "trick roll" robberies involving a man and a woman working together. They identify the Wesen and set up a sting operation involving Monroe as a john, which leads to the realization that the "husband" and "wife" are in fact one individual. With Rosalee's help, they come up with a way to trap the Hunta Lami Muuaji in its male form so they can arrest him.

Meanwhile, Adalind unhappily confirms that she's indeed pregnant, and she decides that she needs to sleep with someone fast in order to pass the baby off as anyone but Nick's. She initially plans to sleep with Prince Viktor, but King Frederick shows up and sends the prince back to Vienna. The king promises Adalind that he'll send another Royal to keep her company.

Rosalee's hormone cocktail works on the Hunta Lami Muuaji, trapping the Wesen in its male form. Nick and Hank successfully arrest and incarcerate him.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Juliette: Is there *anything* comforting in all of this?!
Renard: Well, you do have abilities that defy explanation. How you learn to use them will determine what you become. You're more than I'll ever be. The way this happened to you, you're one of a kind. Now, I don't know what that means ultimately.
Juliette: So, what you're saying is I'm going to have to wing it.
Renard: Don't we all.

Juliette: Why can't you do it again? Aren't you half Hexenbiest?
Renard: Why does everyone keep making that mistake?! I am not a Hexenbiest, I'm a Zauberbiest. There's a difference.