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The burning symbol on the lawn was planted by members of an ancient Wesen group dedicated to racial purity - and violently opposed to interracial marriages like Monroe and Rosalee.

Nick and Juliette agree to undergo the ritual to restore Nick's Grimm powers. Juliette successfully transforms to look like Adalind with Elizabeth's help, and despite some initial awkwardness she and Nick sleep together.

A couple is driving in the woods outside of Portland when their tire blows and their car crashes offroad. Two lizard-like Wesen attack them and drag the man away, but they are unable to take the woman because she was trapped in the mangled car.

Viktor and Rispoli discuss going after Meisner. A broken Adalind reveals that Kelly Burkhardt helped her and the baby escape before taking them to Portland. Viktor realizes that Kelly likely has the baby now.

Trubel, Monroe, and Rosalee stop by the house. Nick has not yet regained his powers.

Nick and Hank are called out to the scene of the accident in the woods and meet Deputy Sheriff Farris. The remaining victim tells them that her boyfriend was abducted by monsters They realize that the car's tire was flattened intentionally. A small metal effigy is found at the scene. Nick recalls a similar case he worked on six years prior, with a couple disappearing. Knowing what he knows now, Nick suspects that the "monsters" were Wesen.

Trubel spots someone watching her at Nick's house. She suspects that he works for Agent Chavez and slashes his tires with a switchblade to keep him from following her. The man is revealed as a Pflichttreue as she rides away.

Nick and Hank review the old case file and find a similar metal effigy as the one the found earlier.

Josh arrives at Nick's house and is surprised to see meet Trubel, who tells him about Nick's de-Grimming issues.

Farris meets Nick and Hank in the woods and tells them about a similar case three years ago. They go to that crime scene and find a metal effigy there, too.

The two detectives go to the trailer and learn that they are facing Phansigars, brutal lizard-like Wesen that lived in India and made human sacrifices to Kali every three years. Deputy Farris, investigating a nearby scrapyard, is attacked by the Phansigars and taken as the female sacrifice. Nick, Hank, and Monroe soon arrive, but Nick is overcome by a debilitating headache. 

Hank and Monroe finds Farris and the kidnapped driver, but the Phansigars attack Nick, who regains his Grimm abilities just in time to defeat all three and save the day. Back and the precinct, Renard is pleased to hear that Nick is back to being a Grimm once more.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

[on sleeping with Juliette-as-Adalind] This is so... I don't know what to call it.


[to Nick] It's good to have you back.