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Part 1: Though he offers to go out to a movie with her, Ava flirts even more with Coop when he admits he has an errand to do first. As she works at CO2 until her date with Coop, Ashlee denies to Doris that he stood her up and admits that Coop kissed her. Not believing it was special, Doris thinks he's giving her false hope and urges her not to hope for a "happily ever after" future. When Coop arrives, she has a laugh at her mother's expense and leaves with him. But when he can't go for a walk around the lake with her because Ava (Michelle Ray Smith) had another scary moment, Ashlee blasts him for sending mixed signals and accuses him of playing her and Ava. She asks him to choose between her and Ava.

Part 2: Upset that she's trying to force his hand, Coop admits he doesn't like that so she claims that's his answer and he walks away. Meanwhile, Doris pushes Ava to go after Coop and use her injury to snag him. Coop then asks Ava if she wants to go out with him and she kisses him. Later, Coop is taken aback to see Ashlee holding Stuart's hand. Reminding her there's no reason to stress over an event happening months from now, Josh hints to Cassie that Marah and Shayne may be at their wedding. Getting a call about her ex dying in prison, Cassie ends up meeting Jeffrey at the prison to pick up Rob's things and finds a note in which Rob admits how good she was for him.

Part 3: Though she's drawn to Jeffrey again as she kisses him, Reva tells him that they can't be together anymore. Olivia catches Reva coming out of Jeffrey's place. As they argue, Josh interrupts. Hoping to scare Reva, Olivia starts to leak the truth about Reva's son but then claims she was talking about Dylan. Later, after overhearing Olivia on the phone about Jeffrey's room, Reva follows her and Emma.

Guiding Light
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