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Josh is twigged to find that Reva hasn’t signed the new divorce papers and that Mitch is having trouble locating her. Cassie alerts Josh that Reva doesn’t live alone anymore, and is irritated that they are once again spending all their energy on Reva.

Episode Recap, Part I

Jeffrey assesses Cross Creek and thinks Reva is in trouble. Jeffrey interrogates Alex about where Alan has gone, and Cyrus orders Jeffrey to get away from Alex. Cyrus makes up that Alan has flown to Mexico.

Billy (Jordan Clarke) asks if he can make Vanessa’s day a little better. Vanessa warns Billy against using Marlin’s construction company.

Later, Lizzie tells Billy she put Marlin’s company’s link on their website since they sub-contracted them. Lizzie tries to sober Billy up after he calls Josh about the opening.

Episode Recap, Part II

Billy and Lizzie see that the building they sent Cassie and Josh to has just collapsed. Marina warns Mallet that Dinah’s been hanging around Alex lately. Just then, Alex arrives and asks Marina to grab some coffee.

Alex tells Marina she wants to her to know that Cyrus isn’t going to leave her for Marina. Marina’s about to reveal the truth to Alex when Alex says that Cyrus is just trying to get her into bed.

Dinah tells Cyrus that as long as he partners up with her again, she won’t spill the beans about the plan to rob Alex. Cyrus agrees to give Dinah a cut of the money and he asks for a down payment.


Dinah admits she’s spying for Alex but when Mallet wants her to return the money, she grabs the cash and says to hell with him. As a means to deal with Dinah’s medical bills, Mallet steals money from a bust.

Guiding Light
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