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Natalia announces to Alan that she and Rafe are moving back to Chicago. Alan tries to plead his case to her. Admitting so many people warned him about how bad he was, Rafe tells Alan that it was Alan himself who showed him his true colors when he hurt Harley (Beth Ehlers).

Episode Recap, Part 1

Later, a tipsy Alan blames Harley for his troubles and angrily vows to bring Gus back to the mansion where he belongs.

As they pack for their trip out of town to re-celebrate their anniversary, Gus assures Harley that if she hadn't been drugged by Alan, he never would have slept with Natalia. Later, at the Spaulding lake house, Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) promises Harley that he won't see Natalia anymore but after their short time together, the two realize they are farther apart than they thought.

Episode Recap, Part 2

Catching Alan spying on them, Natalia tells him that she'll stay at the mansion. Though he reveals that he and his mom are moving back to Chicago, Rafe promises Daisy that they can be together.

She suggests he stay in Springfield but Rafe refuses to choose between her and his mom and walks out. Seeking her help with Ashlee, Coop convinces Marina to pretend to go on a double date with them and then back out so that he can be alone with Ashlee.

Episode Recap, Part 3

But when she spots Cyrus at another table at the Towers, Marina ruins the deal by agreeing to have lunch with his friend Joe and when she learns he's a banker, asks him about various account codes.

Ashlee is disturbed by Joe's reaction to the possibility that Coop had set him up with her and not Marina.

Coop insists he doesn't care but when Ashlee hears Coop defending her to his friend, she announces she's going home. The double date falls apart and Marina ends up with the bill.


Cyrus offers to pay the bill. After she turns down his offer, Cyrus calls Griggs about moving up their plan. Coop chases after Ashlee and assures her that he wants her but when he tries to kiss her, she backs away.

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