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Guiding Light: Episode Recap, Part I
Jeffrey and Cassie continue to dance around the fear that one of them pushed Edmund off the balcony in the church. Cassie (Nicole Forester) warns Reva to be careful because she saw her going up to the balcony. Reva insists she didn't push Edmund but complains that her sister thinks that she could have. Cassie claims she was just trying to protect her. Meanwhile, Josh and Rick face off about Edmund's "accident."

Guiding Light: Episode Recap, Part II
Rick confirms he brought a sedative to the ceremony but that Edmund stole it. Josh assures him he didn't touch the guy. After Rick claims he didn't see anyone up in the balcony before Edmund fell, the two suspect Jeffrey. Josh panics when he learns that it was probably a shepherd who pushed James and broke his wrist. Later, Reva complains that Cassie thought she pushed Edmund. Jeffrey describes his past.

Guiding Light: Episode Recap, Part III
Reva (Kim Zimmer) points out that he's been there for her over these past few months unlike Josh and thanks him. As they leave the church together, Jeffrey stops her and says he did not push Edmund over the balcony, but whoever did should be given a medal. Marina entertains Mallet (Robert Bogue) and, after listening to him talk about Dinah (Gina Tognoni) and hitting Bill, assures him he'll find another woman. Marina stops by the house and is shocked to find Cyrus and Harley together...

Guiding Light
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