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Bill gives Dinah the name of a woman to steal information from. Bill is waiting for Dinah when she shows up, Mallet (Robert Bogue) walking in behind her. Dinah intervenes, yelling at Mallet to leave Bill alone. The fight only makes Bill and Dinah feel more united. Mallet begins work on the Edmund case....

Later when Mallet catches Dinah (Gina Tognoni) in the act, he rails against Bill for putting Dinah up to his dirty work. Bill and Mallet clash and end up in a fierce fist fight. Olivia tells Natalia to back off. Olivia warns Natalia it’s not her, she needs to worry about, it’s Harley. As Gus tells Olivia about his wedding, she starts to fantasize about her own wedding to Gus. Natalia reveals to Gus she thinks Olivia is up to no good.

Olivia (Crystal Chappell) meets Gus and Nat’s wedding planner and starts taking over the planning. The first person Harley has set up to interview in the search for Phillip is Gus. Cyrus and Marina begin to make love when there’s a knock - Alexandra, who’s brought divorce papers. Harley looks at holiday cards when she gets a postcard from Phillip. They are about to trim the tree when Harley freaks. Marina is setting up dinner when Cyrus asks for a rain check. Harley (Beth Ehlers) tells Cyrus she just wants to feel safe....

Guiding Light
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