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  • Ava urges Natalia to dress up for her date with Gus.
  • Olivia (Crystal Chappell) invites Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) to have dinner with her tonight but he explains he's already got a date with Natalia.
  • Hearing he's taking her rival to the Towers, Olivia calls the restaurant and asks her contact there to cancel the reservation.
  • After seeing Gus taking Natalie elsewhere, Olivia tells Ava she's dying.
  • Gus brings Natalia to the station where he surprises her with a picnic in jail.
  • A scheming Will tells Reva that Josh needs her. He shows her the photo of Marah and Shayne and lies that Josh was looking at it earlier.
  • Josh is nervous when Daisy asks him and Cassie (Nicole Forester) if she can start babysitting for them. Cassie hires her.
  • Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) runs to the mall where she finds Will with Reva and offers to take him back to the farm. Will doesn't like the idea until he learns Daisy can drive, then he changes his tune.
  • Cassie blasts Josh for being suspicious of Will.
  • Will makes Cassie feel guilty for abandoning him.
Guiding Light
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