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Mallet brings Dinah (Gina Tognoni) to the Main Street Christmas tree lot and orders her to sell the trees as restitution for stealing the bid offers. Harley complains to Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and Marina about a leak in her roof that has soaked her living room and ruined her tree.

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Just as Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) senses Rafe is going to get back together with her, Dinah interrupts and spoils things, pointing out to Daisy how hard she's had to work to get him back.

When Natalia picks out a tree from Dinah's lot, Dinah announces to her and Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) that she's holding it for Harley and they can't have it. Pushing Matt to buy a tree, he says he's not with Vanessa.

Dinah is thrilled, then disappointed when he advises her that he can't be with her either and starts throwing trees around the temporary lot.

Cyrus shows up to buy a tree for Harley and advises Dinah that he knows how hard it must be for her to be alone on the holiday, but it's her own fault.

Alan (Ron Raines) offers Cyrus the final payment for divorcing his sister and continuing with the search for Phillip but Cyrus refuses the check because of how the investigation is affecting Harley.

Natalia orders Rafe (EJ Bonilla) to go home when he catches her with Daisy. When she starts to argue, Rafe tells Daisy to "lay off" which leads to an argument about Rafe's "holier-than-thou" mother.


Dinah helps Cyrus brighten the boys' faces at Harley's (Beth Ehlers) with a tree. Her final stop is the station where she brings a tiny tree to Mallet and tries to explain why she gave away most of her trees. Pretending she's standing under mistletoe, Mallet (Robert Bogue) kisses her passionately.

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