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Lizzie watches as Bill gets spilled on, ignored and snapped at by angry women. She can’t help but still be turned on by him. Lizzie comes to Billy with an idea on how to keep Bill out of commission.

Episode Recap

Lizzie tells Vanessa that Bill’s been using her to woo clients and promising that she’ll do them “favors.” Lizzie watches as even Vanessa can’t get through to Bill.

Lillian calls Lizzie out on having a crush on Bill. Bill freezes when he finds Lizzie on the roof’s edge ...

Bill grabs Lizzie and she tells Bill she was just thinking - she wasn’t planning to jump. Bill is shaky at the roof’s edge, and Lizzie notices.

Bill helps frozen Lizzie out of her clothes and into some sweats. They’re both affected by the proximity. Dinah (Gina Tognoni) interrupts their kiss and Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) rushes out.


Dinah tells Bill that falling for Lizzie is the worst thing he could do right now, as Billy wants Lizzie to promise him she’ll stay away from Bill.

Guiding Light
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