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Josh and Reva reminisce about their past Christmases, missing their kids, when Shayne calls. Josh and Reva make it up to the roof but still can’t reconnect with Shayne. Reva looks into Josh’s eyes and clings to him.

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Will smiles as Josh (Robert Newman) calls Cassie to tell her he’s trapped. Will says that he and Cassie will have a good Christmas even if Josh and RJ don’t show. Also stuck in the mall, Gus hands naked Olivia a dress through the curtain, and their touch is electric. Gus worries about Olivia and the stairs.

Olivia races Gus to the top of the steps but suddenly feels pain and sinks down against him. Alan and Beth are also trapped in the mall, and realizes Alan bought all his gifts for the baby. She’s not pleased to hear that Alan has his eye on Nat, but before she can say anything more, she has a contraction. Alan yells for help.


RJ and Alan interrupt a sweet moment between Josh and Reva to bring them to Beth. Gus comes to help. Rick and Jeffrey arrive just as the contractions stop. Will wonders how they got the doors unlocked.

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