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As Guiding Light commences, Olivia (Crystal Chappell) wakes to find she's lying on the floor of her hotel suite. She senses the person standing by her is Phillip, but it turns out to be Natalia who happened to find her.

Natalia insists Olivia go to the hospital where Rick determines she has a big ol' nasty lump on her head. Olivia worries that Phillip may be back and after Emma but Rick insists Phillip is not in Springfield. Finding Beth at the hospital, Olivia claims that Phillip attacked her but has no proof.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia asks her head of security to get her a gun to protect herself. Rick calls her back to the hospital and explains that she fainted. Asking to run more tests, Rick assigns her to go see Dr. Lane.

Telling her there is no cure, Dr. Lane warns that she is a candidate for a sudden death and claims only a heart transplant can save her life at this stage. Olivia approaches Mel about her will and asks her to do what she can to make sure Phillip has no chance of taking Emma away from her.

Mel then considers telling Ava about her illness but decides not to burden her. After assuring Alan she'll keep Gus and Natalia apart, Olivia pleads with him to keep Phillip from Emma. Overwhelmed by the thought of dying, Olivia seeks comfort from Gus and confides that she thinks she's dying.

Guiding Light
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