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PART I: Although he brings lowers, Reva is pissed when Jeffrey also brings Edmund home for a lengthy "visit." He explains why he's helping Josh and claims that if Edmund behaves, he'll end up in a gated compound on San Cristobel: "Peaceful Valley." Showing he's been injured where he was handcuffed, Edmund asks Jeffrey to take him to a doctor. Edmund invites Reva to work with him to break up Cassie and Josh (Robert Lewis).

PART II: Reva (Kim Zimmer) warns Josh that she doesn't like how Edmund has affected him and warns that, based on personal experience, once you cross the line, you can't go back. Left alone with Cyrus, Harley talks about Phillip and his history with the people of Springfield. Beth shows Harley and Cyrus a gift she thinks came from Phillip. Beth's amused when Cyrus flirts with her but he manages to get important info from her.

PART III: Cyrus and Harley (Beth Ehlers) question the delivery person who brought the gift to Beth. Going down a stairwell, Harley feels faint and Cyrus helps her stay on her feet. The two discuss what she's calling a panic attack. As they hug, Marina returns and finds them in a clinch.

PART IV: As Rick treats him for a cut he sustained earlier, Edmund boasts to the doctor that he knows the paternity of Beth's baby. Walking out, he guesses Rick won't charge him for the service. Will overhears Josh assure Cassie that Edmund will soon be in prison. Jeffrey says there is no "compound" in San Cristobel ...

He hhints Edmund may soon be gone. Permanently.

Guiding Light
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