September 13, 2007 Photograph
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PART ONE: Marina doesn’t know how to love Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) without losing herself.

Cyrus tells Marina that when he’s lying on his deathbed, he wants to look back and remember happy moments of his life and pulls Marina into a kiss. Later, Cyrus is at a loss when Alex says she plans on making sure nothing goes wrong further at Spaulding – and thanks Cyrus for giving her a chance to dream.

Cassie has Billy and Lizzie’s support for spinning a story that indicates her as the responsible party for the building collapse.

PART TWO: Later, Billy throws Marlin across the room.

Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) sees that Billy has beaten up Marlin and declares that she chose Lewis over her family and she’s not going to let his drinking ruin it for her. She starts dumping his liquor down the sink. Jeffrey finally tells Cassie that Reva is missing. Cassie puts aside the building situation and focuses on Reva.

Cassie tells Jeffrey to call his contacts, fearing what Alan did. Jeffrey finds Alan and Cassie has him at gunpoint asking what he’s done with Reva.

Guiding Light
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