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PART I: Pointing a gun at Alan (Ron Raines), Cassie demands to know where her sister is. As she threatens to take his life, Reva enters and orders her to put the gun down. Reva then gets Alan to agree that things are better than ever between them. They claim that Reva followed him to his island estate where they discovered they had similar feelings about family.

PART II: Neither Jeffrey nor Cassie believe either of them. Josh is astounded when Frank explains that the building collapse case is closed now that Cassie (Nicole Forester) has taken the blame for it.

He lays into Billy for allowing Cassie to do this but Billy claims the ploy worked. Josh calls Reva and she assures him she is more than willing to sign the divorce papers. Apologizing for mistakenly allowing her to take the blame for hiring the terrible subcontractor, Billy meets Cassie and, asking her to taste his "coffee," admits that he's drinking again.

PART III: Cassie again insists on holding a press conference to take the blame and tells Josh the same. As she talks with Josh about the many times they've almost divorced, Reva signs the papers to end their marriage.

Over drinks, Alan boasts to Jeffrey about how close he's become with Ava. After he leaves, Alan and Reva agree they can't do anything to draw attention to themselves until "this thing" dies down.

Jeffrey assures her the secret between them will stay buried forever.

PART IV: Coop invites Ashlee to be his date at the Spaulding charity event next week but she claims she can't give him an answer just now. Claiming to be a supporter, a scheming Ava offers Doris help with her campaign in hopes of finding out more about Ashlee's past. Doris is not forthcoming so later, after taking some files, she questions Ashlee about her past boyfriends only to realize that Coop is her first.

Ava then finds a name and number and asks Jack Summers about Ashlee.

Guiding Light
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