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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.1.08

Today on Guiding Light, Gus fades away as Harley and Natalia kneel next to his body, devastated. Natalia tells Rafe the heartbreaking news and he breaks down. Harley lashes out at Alan, telling him Gus is dead and he is not welcome here. Jeffrey begins to worry about Olivia getting a heart, but he doesn't want her to know about Gus's critical condition. Rick suggests organ donation to Natalia but she's unsure what to do.

Harley is determined to finish the house, now that Gus is gone.

Jeffrey lies and tells Olivia that Gus is okay. Daisy tries to reach out to Rafe, but he's cold in response, blaming himself for Gus's death. Harley finds comfort in Buzz, as Cyrus looks on, unsure his place in all this.

Dinah signs the papers to officially buy the Spaulding Mansion.

Alan is wallowing in his loss when Beth arrives, offering him her shoulder.

Natalia talks to a dead Gus, suggesting she can't give Olivia his heart after everything she already took from them. Natalia sees Emma and she can't help but feel for her.

Olivia is fading when Jeffrey learns that a heart is available for her. Dinah offers Mallet her support, reminding him the importance of living for the day. Harley breaks down in Cyrus's arms and as he promises never to leave her, we see she still seems distant. Natalia and Rafe look on as Gus's body is wheeled past Olivia.

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Guiding Light
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